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Your Competitive Advantage

Digital Ink was founded to provide the Bay Area with a full service printing and graphic communications solution. Over the past decade, we have accomplished that and more. Today we serve national and international clients, and offer a broad range of communication solutions that include:
Offset color printing, digital printing, pre-press, bindery, fulfillment, mailing services, trade show booths and collateral.

Digital Ink combines the proper mix of technology and good old fashioned craftsmanship to deliver quality, efficiency and economy in each and every job. While we employ the latest hardware and software applications, and use the industries best printing equipment, we know that the quality of your final product relies on the expertise and experience of our talented team.

Consistent Branding

Marketing organizations, regardless of their industry, all face the same task; To present a unified brand image across a variety of venues simultaneously. Companies need to have a consistent message across all fronts, whether print, public display or Web. Digital Ink is configured to support this mission. By controlling how images and documents are created and re-purposed for each application, we can ensure that your brand and message is consistent across the board.

Up to Date Technology

The business of graphic communications has changed immensely over the last few years. Digital Ink has embraced these changes and adapted our products, services and workflow to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. As our industry evolves, we will continue to adopt new technologies and offerings that will ensure all your graphic and document communication requirements deliver the competitive advantage you expect.

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